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Facebook Divulges Apple’s Antitrust Behavior To Eu Authorities!

As a result of a question about issues encountered by Facebook, the company claimed that the App Store was “effectively the only way for developers to reach consumers on Apple devices.”

Facebook stated that it faced challenges resulting from Apple’s policies and its control over in-app transactions, log-in services, gaming services, and ads.

Facebook officials stated:

“In each category, Apple has made policy and enforcement decisions that privilege its own services and revenue streams to the detriment of others.”

Importance Of The Conflict

The Digital Services Act appears to curtail the power of Apple, Facebook, and Alphabet Inc, according to Business Insider, which previously reported the news.

Facebook’s claims are direct attempts to shape the proposed law against the Cupertino-based tech giant.

Tensions between the two companies have been rising for a while.

Last month, the social media colossus claimed that Apple wouldn’t allow it to inform its users about the latter’s 30% cut on in-app purchases and transactions.

iOS 14 will probably hit the advertising revenue of the social network and its adjacent platforms.

However, earlier this month, Apple stated that it was delaying the release of privacy features that would impact Facebook in the new iOS version.

The two giant companies are at odds due to the Menlo Park-based social media platform’s cloud gaming service being entirely rejected on the App Store several times.


Facebook shares decreased by 2.1%, at $267.97 on Thursday, and fell about half a percent in the after-hours session.

On that same day, Apple shares registered 3.2% lower at $113.49 and increased 0.54% in the after-hours session.

The tensions between the two companies could affect the evolution of certain services and apps that would ultimately impact consumers.



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