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Facebook Has Announced its Messenger Desktop App

Facebook has observed a 100% increase in user’s interest in the Messenger app. During the past month, users have used the desktop version of the app for audio and video calling, as well as texting. The interest in social media has increased due to the ongoing pandemic. More and more people are being forced to isolate and all the business and education-related activities are continuing through social media.

Therefore, the company has announced that the upcoming release concerns a new feature for the Messenger users. A desktop version of the application will be available to the Windows and macOS fans. They will be able to download the new feature by using the Microsoft Store or the App Store, depending on the operating system of the computer.

Features Of The Facebook Messenger App

This new application is more advantageous than the browser alternative because it brings a more user-friendly design. With the desktop app, Facebook is offering its users the possibility to make video calls using a larger screen. In addition to this, the laptop will be synchronized and all the notification will reach the user in real-time. Consequently, all the chats will automatically sync with both the phone and desktop versions in the Messenger app. The design brings all the elements that the mobile version has such as Dark Mode, stickers, games, and GIFs.

Moreover, Facebook is nowadays paying more attention to the security concerns. The company is now preventing guests without a Facebook account to sign up for Messenger. This feature is currently being banned by the company even though it was allowed for more than five years since its launch.

This initiative is one step closer to making chatting between Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp interoperable. Even though the company has announced that current users will not encounter any problems, some people claim that they were restricted from accessing their account after this measure was implemented.



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