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Facebook: How to Quickly Delete Old Posts and Curate Your Account

From time to time, it is important to curate your social media accounts. For instance, Facebook would send out reminders of the past, such as an image you posted three years ago, a concert you went to two years ago, and so on, which can be rather annoying or simply creepy for some.  

If you can’t take the cringing every time you log into Facebook anymore, it might be the perfect time to remove some of the reminders you no longer want to see. You can always delete your account or try to delete Facebook posts in bulk. But there are some other more efficient solutions for social media cleanup you can always use.  

Ways to Delete Facebook Posts in Bulk

Review Your Facebook Profile  

First of all, you need to know what your profile looks like to people who are not on your friends list. Head to the profile and click on the ‘View as’ icon, which will showcase your page as it looks to someone who is not your friend.   

Delete a Facebook Post  

If you spot only one or two posts you want to remove, you can simply delete them one at a time. To do this, head to your profile, click on the ellipsis icon and click on the ‘Activity Log’ option. This will display every action you or another user has taken on your Timeline, such as reactions, shares, comments, and so on. Tap on the ‘Filter’/’Filters’ option in order to select which types of posts you want to see. If you come across something you want to axe, simply click on the ellipsis to remove the action.  

Hide a Post from Your Timeline  

It is possible to limit the visibility of old posts by making them private rather than deleting them. From your Timeline, tap on the ellipsis next to the post you want to hide and select ‘Hide from Timeline’ in the menu. If you only want to hide it from certain people, select the ellipsis button and tap on the ‘Edit audience’/’Edit privacy’ option and select which individuals you want to hide the post from. You can also set it to ‘Only me,’ which makes the post visible for you only.  

Limit Past Posts  

Facebook also makes it possible to hide public Timeline posts altogether. To do this, head to the settings menu (on desktop) and tap on the ‘Privacy’ option, then on ‘Limit Past Posts.’ After selecting the option, a warning will appear advertising that your public posts will be visible to Friends only. Click on ‘Limit Past Posts’ again, and your old posts will no longer be converted to anyone.  

To carry out this action on a mobile phone, you’ll have to use the Privacy Checkup tool by heading to the settings menu, tap on ‘Privacy’ and then on ‘Privacy Shortcuts.’ Next, select ‘Review a few important privacy settings’ under the Privacy section, tap on ‘Who can see what you share,’ and proceed with the action until you get to ‘Future Posts’ and ‘Limit Past Posts.’  

You can then make future posts visible to anyone, friends, or only you, or choose certain people who can see or not see them. Tap on ‘Limit’ if you automatically want to make future posts visible to friends only.  

Archive or Delete Facebook Posts in Bulk  

Fortunately, there is a functionality that allows you to archive or delete Facebook posts in bulk; however, the function is currently only available in mobile and Facebook Lite. Go to your ‘Activity Log’ and tap on ‘Manage Activity’ and then on ‘Your Posts’ from the pop-up at the bottom of the display. Now, click on the box next to the posts you want to hide and select ‘Archive’ or ‘Trash.’  

These guidelines should help you revamp your Facebook page so it looks fresh and clean. They are simple to follow and easy to perform, so you should be able to curate your account in no time. 



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