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Facebook Lite Beta: Great Improvements for Great Users

Keeping up with friends has never been easier to wait for Facebook Lite. This app will help you in order to connect with friends and family and be up to date with the recent event in the world. 

This app is small, and it allows you to save space on your phone and use Facebook in 2G conditions. Most of the classic features of Facebook can be used in the app: you can share things with a timeline, you can like photos and find people, and you can edit your profile. 

It is easier for you to find your friends and family, you can post status updates and use emojis, you can share photos on your timeline or on a friend’s timeline, and you will get a notification when friends like or comment on your posts. Add your own comments and reactions to your friends’ Facebook posts. You can save photos, and you look for people, or you can search for business locations to see their reviews. There’s also the Marketplace in which you can buy and sell locally anything you want. 

We would like to think of Facebook as being more than just an app, it’s your friend when it comes to saving, sharing, and storing photos. You can share pictures right from your Android camera, and you can have full control over your photos through the privacy settings. You can just keep some of the pictures private, and you can even set up a secret album photo and be in control of who has access to it. 

So what is new with the version beta? 

The team behind the app has prepared for us some improvements in reliability and speed. 




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