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Facebook Lite Beta: New Improvements Bound to Make Your Experience Better

With Facebook, it’s easier to keep in touch with friends and family, and with Facebook Lite, there’s no reason not to. You can use the app in order to connect and keep up with your social network. We know it’s small, but it allows you to save enough space on your phone and use Facebook with 2G connectivity. Of course, many of the classic features are still available with this app – you’ll have your own Timeline, you will be able to like photos and comment on them, and on other posts, you can search for people, edit your pictures and manage groups.

These are all the features you’ll enjoy with Facebook Lite:

You will find your family and friends.

You will post status updates and make the most out of Facebook when it comes to telling your friends how to feel – through words or through emojis.

You will share photos on your Timeline or on other people’s timelines.

You will get a notification when your friends comment or like your posts.

You will find local events or make plans to meet up with your friends.

You will add comments and reacts to your Facebook posts.

You will save photos and add them to your photo albums.

You will follow different people and see their posts first.

You will see reviews of local businesses and their operating hours.

You will buy and sell on Facebook Marketplace.

The app will always help you stay connected to your friends and family. It’s the perfect place to store your photos – in which you’ll be in full control, thanks to the privacy settings.

So what’s new with the beta version?

The team behind the app has added improvements for reliability and speed to the app.




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