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Facebook Lite Version Beta Improves Reliability And Boosts Speed!

Facebook is one of the best social networks, both thanks to its quality and amount of users. Facebook is a decade and a half old, and it helps millions of people to stay connected to each other daily.

Though the service started as a bare social network, it is now a lot more than just that. It can be used to send data, share locations, make calls (audio or video), send money, play games, and more!

What Is Facebook Lite?

As time passed, Facebook’s main app grew in size and complexity, so much that an alarming number of users noticed that the experience started to get laggy and unusable at times.

Thankfully, Facebook came up with a solution for that – Facebook Lite.

Facebook Lite is a version of the Facebook app designed for less capable smartphones and tablets, with limited resources. It has fewer animations, fewer functions, it is smaller, and can run on most devices, which is nice.

Latest Version

Facebook Lite is part of the Facebook group, which means that there’s a dedicated team of developers to keep improving and optimizing the app to make it smoother and capable of running on most devices.

To update it, either keep auto-updates turned on, and your device connected to a reliable network like home wi-fi, or download the newest version manually from Google Play or a third-party vendor, though we don’t recommend that. You never know what viruses lurk among seemingly harmless files.

It is recommended to keep Facebook Lite updated to ensure that you don’t miss out on new content or reliability features.

We appreciate the company’s effort to make the app as accessible as possible for those who own older or less capable devices.



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