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Facebook Started Testing Dark Mode on iOS

Facebook has started rolling out tests of a dark mode feature on iOS. Throughout the last few days, users have reported and shared images of the app running the mode on their iPhones 

Shortly after Facebook implemented a dark mode for its Messenger service last year, we saw some evidence of a similar mode coming to the Facebook app on Android. Then, in February of this year, the company released the dark mode setting for the Facebook Lite app; still, the regular Facebook app hadn’t received the setting.  

The first time we saw Facebook’s dark mode in action was earlier this month when 9to5Google shared images of the app that also presented the app’s COVID-19 tracker. Now, as per a recent report from SocialMediaToday, the company has started rolling out the new mode for a few users.  

Shortly after the tweets with the screenshots began surfacing, a Facebook representative confirmed that the dark mode is being tested on ‘a small percentage of users globally right now.’ It is not clear where, exactly, the tests are taking place, and Facebook has neither confirmed an official broad rollout of the function. Moreover, there is no information regarding a version of the mode for Android.  

For now, these posts show the dark mode on iOS in action. To enable it, simply tap on the three lines in the lower-right corner and check under the ‘Settings and Privacy’ option. However, lots of people who have the most recent version of the app on new iPhone devices have reportedly found no dark mode option yet.  

We should also note that Facebook on Android is the last app in the company’s portfolio of apps to receive the dark mode. As we mentioned above, the company has already implemented the mode for Messenger and Facebook Lite, as well as similar dark themes on Facebook for desktop, Instagram, and WhatsApp 

If you have not received the dark mode on your device yet, you can download the most recent update for the app from the Google Play Store and check whether the app has the new option.



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