Facebook Talked About Studio Acquisitions, and This Is Just the Beginning

It is the very first time when the company that made Oculus has bought a VR developer. Usually, it is not something weird, but are we going to see more acquisitions? Facebook sure is planning so.

Facebook’s Director of Content, Mike Verdu, posted on Facebook about the news. He also answered some of the most burning questions behind this acquisition. One person asked if Facebook was planning to get other studios, as well. He responded that they were exploring ways to accelerate the VR technology, and next year is going to be an important one for VR game announcements and launches. He also stated that they were thrilled to have the Beat Games developer studio on their team. He ended the post with “This is just the beginning.” Isn’t this exciting?

This looks like the future acquisitions are in works right now. First, we heard that Facebook wanted to get game development studios this year. And up until now, the company has made partnerships with third-party developers such as Ready at Dawn and Sanzaru Games in order to publish VR titles. They also developed a small selection of games internally. Some of its partners, such as the developer of Stormland, called Insomniac, will get in other company’s hands. Sony bought Insomniac earlier this year, after the success it had of Spider-Man on PS4.

The very same report, which suggested that Facebook wanted to buy game developers, also said that the company partnered up with Ubisoft in order to develop Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell, the VR games. Right now, we are waiting for an official statement.

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