Facebook Wants to Make Its Own Operating System in Order to Avoid Google

It seems that Facebook wants to make its own mobile operating system, due to the fact that its Oculus VR headsets and its availability depend on the limitations of Android.

According to some sources, Facebook wants its own platform in order to avoid all the fuss with the other companies, be it for a partnership with another developer or a built in-house.

Andrew Bosworth, who is Facebook’s vice president of hardware, stated that “We really want to make sure the next generation has space for us.” He also said that they cannot trust the marketplace or the competitors and that they want to do it themselves. They want to develop augmented reality glasses, but on their own terms. They also need to explore all the options out there.

This is not the first time when Facebook wanted to create its own operating system. In 2013, one of the company’s senior developers has talked about the idea of an OS for Facebook Home, which is a project that was bound to replace your phone’s home screen with something that was based on social features. Facebook wanted to build it from scratch or to create an Android fork, before actually choosing an interface and changing the regular interface. However, all that the app got was negative reviews, and they replaced the idea just months before releasing it.

Mark Zuckerberg stated that he wanted to do something suitable for everyone. But it was hard to do all the types of scale, which was necessary for them when building an OS. They wanted the app to be useful for hundreds of millions of people.

Facebook would have gotten back to this idea eventually, and now it seems it’s the proper time.


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