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Fake DMCA Notice Strikes Reddit’s /r/jailbreak Community

If you don’t like the restrictions and limitations that Apple imposes on iOS, then you are probably a big fan of Reddit’s /r/jailbreak subreddit. This is the place where all jailbreak fans are going to whenever they want to find out the latest news and advancements on jailbreak tools. Considering that Apple is doing all in its power to stop the jailbreak community from developing tools and exploiting software, then it should come as no surprise that a DMCA notice appeared on the subreddit.

DMCA Notice Strikes /r/jailbreak

Apple hit /r/jailbreak with a DMCA notice and this scared away many of the subreddit’s following. After all, no one wants to get into a legal dispute with the Cupertino based tech giant. However, there was something unusual about the DMCA notice right from the start. The notice targeted a jailbreak developer’s tweet that contained an encryption key.

After the news of the DMCA notice made headlines, a moderator of /r/jailbreak started digging for the truth and he quickly found out that a total of five posts that detail the iOS jailbreak tools developed by checkra1n and unc0ver were deleted by none other than Reddit’s admins. This led everyone to believe that the DMCA notice is as real as it can get. Fortunately, the checkra1n developer known as “qwertyoruiopz” found the truth.

The Notice is Fake

“qwertyoruiopz” is a renowned developer in the jailbreak community and he was able to quickly figure out that the DMCA notice is fake. Another developer known as “axi0mX” analyzed the DMCA notice and he spotted many mistakes.

“We reviewed it and confirmed that it was someone impersonating Apple. It was not sent from their law firm, which is Kilpatrick Townsend. There are issues with grammar and spelling,” revealed the developer. “This notice was obviously not submitted in good faith, and it was not done by someone authorized to represent Apple. Not cool. They could be sued for damages or face criminal charges for perjury.”



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