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Fallout 76 Update 19: Here Are the Patch Notes

Update 19 for Fallout 76 will be released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Here is all we know about it from Bethesda. It seems that the gaming studio has many surprises ready for us.

The Fallout 76 maintenance will start at 3pm GTM. It will happen on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and the studio has a clear plan for it. It should be completed before May 20. We are getting Ally Customisation. This one will allow you to share your outfits with NPCs. We will also get both new and returning events with this update, plus new cosmetic rewards and backpack skin improvements.

Great prizes are waiting for us with this new update

We are getting Ally Customization. Be sure to give your allies new looks by merely sharing your wardrobe. Change their outfits and make them look beautiful.

Find the Treasure Hunter. Mole Miners have discovered some treasures in the Ash Heap. From May 21, you might want to fin them and claim their loot for yourself during this event.

Keep in mind the Fasnacht Parade. The Seasonal Event will be here for a full week with May 25. There are many surprises awaiting you.

The weapons will automatically change the names when you apply new skins and mods.

You will also be able to change the way your backpack looks – it’s now as simple as applying a skin. You can also customize the small backpacks, as well.

We are also getting limited-time challenges. You have plenty of time to unlock new cosmetic rewards with the help of the Challenges in Nuclear Winter, from May 19 – June 11.

The update for Fallout 76 weights about 10.7 GB for Xbox and 8.6 GB for PS4, 4.1 GB for PC (through the launcher), and 5.9 GB (through Steam).



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