FIFA 21 Does Not Have Good News for Us: This Is a No-Go for Us

FIFA 21 will be available for both the current and the next-gen consoles, and we want to know if the game will also be cross-generation or crossplay. If a player has PS4 and his or her friend has a PS5, they might want to be able to play together. Is it possible?

We come with bad news. If you wanted to upgrade to a PS5 or an Xbox Series X, you might want to put that thought on hold. Unless..your friends would do the same.

It seems that you won’t be able to play the FIFA Ultimate Team with your friends. Also, if you started playing on Xbox One or PS4, then you will lose all of your progress if you decide to buy the new consoles.

Will the game come with crossplay?

We have recently learned that FIFA 21 will not come with support for crossplay. So it’s not possible for Xbox One and PS4 players to have fun together. Also, if you own a PS4 and your friend owns a PS5, then FIFA 21 won’t be the way you are spending your time together.

It will not be possible for you to play FUT with someone else unless they have the same hardware. And it might be difficult for some of you to enjoy the game if it does not have crossplay.

The price of a new console is not worth for a game that works perfectly fine on an older console, so you might want to wait for a bit before you make this purchase.

But if you’re not able to have fun with crossplay, then you will be able to transfer your saved data to a PS5 or an Xbox Series X if you want to buy one of these consoles. So that’s good news.



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