Fighting Climate Change With Modified Bacteria That Eat Carbon Dioxide

We know that talking about E.coli must not be the most lovable subject, but hear us out about what we have to say. Scientists are developing and working on a new type of bacteria and not the one we all know. This new bacteria will not harm us as the original one, but it will help us. The new type of E.coli is created to feed on carbon dioxide.

Scientists created E.coli strains that eat carbon dioxide

The new experimental study is published in the Cell journal. The explanation for the new bacteria created is that biological, E.coli feeds with sugar known as glucose. The new bacteria are created and modified to need carbon dioxide.

Even if we think about the bacteria as a bad thing, it had been an excellent help from time to time. The scientists had also store encrypted data of the microorganism many years ago. With the data stored, they have E.coli computers with a lot of bases.

Modified bacteria to fight climate change

However, the idea of an E.coli eating CO2 isn’t new. Some old studies and experiments have tried this idea too. But the results were that the bacterium wasn’t consuming only Carbon-Dioxide, and the part was small also. With the latest experiment, this new generation of bacteria could have a full meal of CO2.

Unfortunately, even if the E.coli could eat now only CO2, it is not enough to use it to save the planet. The plan to get rid of the Carbon-Dioxide from the air is ideal and right. But things will not always work as we wish, because right now, the bacteria is emitting more CO2 than it is consuming.
Finally, scientists are not giving up on finding a solution to this problem. They think that in the future, it will help if they use a source of electricity to help the bacteria to reduce the emissions of CO2.

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