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Final Fantasy 16 – Finally Revealed At PS5 Event!

Sony started this week’s PS5 Showcase event impressively by introducing Final Fantasy XVI, the upcoming installment of the JRPG franchise.

The reveal trailer displayed the game’s combat and fantasy elements, and it appears that the game will be dedicated to next-gen only.


Gamers get to play as Joshua, the Archduke’s son of the region the game’s action takes place in.

It looks like there’s some blight taking care of the region around the player, bringing all kinds of dangers along.

Combat was also displayed, with various hints towards Final Fantasy XV and the Final Fantasy VII Remake that was released for PS4 earlier this year.

The fantasy part of these games appears to be inspired by Game of Thrones party, as it looks a bit different from past entries to the franchise.

Some gamers even noticed similarities to Vagrant Story, Square’s PS1-era RPG.

Some one-on-one combat is displayed in the trailer, so we can’t wait to see how FF XVI’s party system will turn out.

The Trailer

Here’s the trailer to the game:

One particularly interesting detail is that the developer captured it on PC hardware, but it was meant to emulate the PS5 experience, so the graphics look very promising.

Square Enix also revealed some extra details about the game in a recent PlayStation Blog post.

Hiroshi Takai is the game’s director, and its producer is Naoki Yoshida, the director of Final Fantasy XIV.

We have high hopes that the duo did a great job as we are used to.

The game will be released sometime around 2021. Unfortunately, the game is a PlayStation exclusive.



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