Final Fantasy 16: Will It Be Available for Xbox Series X and PC?

The PlayStation5 Showcase has come with a lot of surprises for us. Rumors showed that Final Fantasy 16 would be announced at the event, and they were all right. After it was revealed, many people started to ask themselves if Final Fantasy 16 is a timed exclusive for PS5. We all want to know if we will be able to play it on the Xbox series X and PC.

Final Fantasy 16 is produced by Naoki Yoshida. Sony has announced it already. However, we may not see it for some time. We’re here to tell you if the game is an exclusive for PS5 

Are we getting a timed exclusive for PS5?

As of now, we don’t know if Final Fantasy 16 is a timed exclusive for PS5. The trailer shows that it is actually timed exclusive, but Square Enix hasn’t really said anything about that.  

If Square Enix wants to release the game first for Sony and then for everyone else, we wouldn’t really be surprised. But they’re doing a lot of work on the remake of Final Fantasy 7.  

This is what the Final Fantasy 16 trailer looks like: 

Its availability on Xbox Series X and PC

As of now, Square Enix hasn’t confirmed if the game will be available on Xbox Series X or on PC. Thanks to the trailer, we already know that it will be available on PC. It reveals that the footage used in the trailer was captured on a computer that was emulating the experience users would have on PS5However, according to official sources, Square Enix only announced and confirmed the game for PS5. 

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