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Final Fantasy VII Remake: Is the Release Date Still On?

Square Enix has recently posted a new message for fans about the release date of Final Fantasy VII Remake. The post has explained the current situation to fans, but some are still confused about it.

The coronavirus outbreak messed up the supplies here, too

We know that the situation with the new coronavirus is getting more and more dangerous, and they said that they do not have that much supply left when it comes to the physical copies of the video game. This happened due to the fact that the companies that produce the disks are not in service right now because of the virus, and, also, the shipping companies are working right now with lower stuff. The company wanted to let their fans know what the situation is like right now.

Do they have a plan?

It seems that the digital version of the Final Fantasy VII Remake video game will be released as they initially planned. However, we still do not know what is going to happen with the physical editions of the game. The statement was not really clear on what people can expect when the release date – the 10th of April, 2020 – would be here, and they would release the discs. Since the company cannot guarantee the physical versions being in the stock, it might be best to assume that it probably would not happen for those people who purchased it right away. The plan will probably be this one: those who ordered the physical copy will probably get a digital version until they can get their hands on their physical copy. However, the release will take place soon from now, but anything can happen in the meantime.



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