Final Fantasy VII Remake: Trailer and Music Video Released

Square Enix has recently released two new video teasers of the forthcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake, together with a new trailer of the gameplay. The remake is highly awaited, and with numerous leaks and rumors that surfaced​ until now, the reveal is a confirmation or denial of more of those speculations.

The trailer depicts a larger part of the game narrative, as well as the theme song, titled ‘Hollow,’ which was created by Nobuo Uematsu. The song is performed by Yosh Morita from Survive Said The Prophet, with lyrics sung by Kazushige Nojima.

In addition, fans get to finally see Red XIII in all of his amazingly revamped glory. The released trailer even showcases a couple of really interesting scenarios and new characters, aside from the gameplay, but that’s what we had to say. You can watch it below and see what we’re hinting at.

Besides the recently released trailer of the game, fans also got a making-of video of the theme song, featuring Uematsu, Sensei, as well as Yosh.

On top of the announced trailers, there is also another report related to the music part of the game. The Final Fantasy VII Remake Orchestra World Tour will begin its events in Los Angeles on June 14th of this year, followed by several cities all over the world. The tour ends with the event in Tokyo, which will take place on February 12th and 13th of next year.

The trailer with the game’s voices performed by the Japanese actors can be found below.

The first game of the highly-anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake​ will be released on PlayStation 4 on April 10th, 2020. The launch date on all the other gaming platforms was not yet announced, but a recent North American cover that was revealed by the gaming studio is depicting a previous mention which stated that the game would be exclusive for a year.

It will, most likely, be available on all the other gaming platforms after the deadline expires.

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