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Firefox Browser Version 79.0.1 Is Here With Improvements!

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular browsers for Android. It is incredibly fast, and it also keeps your data private.

Firefox keeps you protected from thousands of online trackers that seek to follow you each day, collecting information about your browsing history and slowing down the experience.

Firefox deals with more than 2000 online trackers with its Enhanced Tracking Protection.

You don’t need to dig in your privacy settings, as everything is set up automatically.

If you want to take the problem into your own hands, you can still choose between the multitude of ad blocker extensions available for Firefox.

Firefox was designed with smart browsing features in mind, like saving passwords and ingenious bookmarks.

Latest Version

The app reached version 79.0.1. The new version promises extra stability and reliability.

We appreciate the developers’ effort to keep the app up to date and as reliable as possible.

The app can be updated in various ways. First, there’s the standard approach – Google Play. That is the best option since you get the latest version of the app from a secure source, which means that you should be clear of viruses and malware, potentially.

If the app hasn’t updated itself yet, make sure that you turn on auto-updates or manually update it from Google Play.

There are third-party solutions available, but we recommend that you try to avoid them. You never know what sort of malware lurks inside a seemingly harmless app update.

You should consider giving Firefox a try if you haven’t already. You will likely be surprised by what it has to offer and the level of quality it delivers for free. It is an excellent alternative to most of today’s browsers.



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