First Smartphone from the TikTok maker ByteDance is Awesome

The smartphone industry is becoming more and more active, due to the fact that such devices are becoming even more popular than PC’s. With Huawei and OnePlus gathering huge success from the selling of their manufactured smartphones, another Chinese company brings such device to the market: ByteDance.

ByteDance has revealed its first smartphone called The Nut Pro 3, which takes place in the Smartisan brand. The phone manufacturer had an agreement with the TikTok owner to transfer some of its employees and patents. A spokesman of ByteDance declared:

“the product was a continuation of earlier Smartisan plans, aiming to satisfy the needs of the old Smartisan user base”

High-tech specs

The Nut Pro 3 has some pretty impressive specs for a debut smartphone.  The cameras can compete with those from Samsung or iPhone devices since the device has a staggering 48 MP camera setup sensor. Just imagining what kind of photos would you take with such a camera makes you eager to grab that phone!

The Nut Pro 3 is powered by the best processor from Qualcomm: Snapdragon 855 Plus. It’s also equipped with a 4,000 mAh battery, a fingerprint sensor, and other interesting features.

The phone even brings out Douyin any time the user wants, with a simple swiping up. For those who don’t know, Douyin is the Chinese version of the social media video app TikTok.


Despite its high-end specs, the Nut Pro 3 phone is expected to be pretty affordable, if not even cheap. The selling of it already has begun in its home country China, at a price of 2,899 yuan ($412). Therefore, we can expect the prices of the phone from different places of the world to be not far away from that amount.

The Nut Pro 3 is also known as Jianguo Pro 3, and it’s nice to see another company from China who wants to compete with the more notorious smartphone manufacturers from Asia, like Samsung, Huawei, Oneplus, LG, or Xiaomi.

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