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Five Amazing Servers for Minecraft Players

​Minecraft multiplayer has a lot of impressive servers you can enjoy. Each offers a unique experience and allows you to join specific communities you like and make friends.

Here are some of the most popular servers for Minecraft multiplayer mode, which provide fans with a lot of exceptional features and amazing gameplay.



Hypixel is a mini-game server created by a few game developers back in 2012. It is one of the most popular servers for the title and offers numerous mini-games, most of which have been custom-designed and coded, especially for the server.

It offers players numerous games, such as SkyWars, Hunger Games, Turbo Kart Racers, Murder Mystery, and so on. The developers are usually busy with some other event, so it is rather difficult yo get bored while using this server. There are also numerous players online all the time, whom you can play or compete against.

Extreme Craft


Extreme Craft is among the largest Minecraft servers currently on the web. There are lots of servers connected to this network that allow you to enjoy numerous types of titles. These include standard SMP, SkyBlock, Prison, EggWars, Hide and Seek, and so on.

This network also has an anarchy server that allows players to do whatever they want. It has a rather massive community you can join and enjoy the regular events and contests.



Earth MC is a geopolitical sandbox, an extended replica of our planet that hosts a few major cities. The server utilized the Towny plugin and is concentrated on faction-based gameplay. You can explore the Earth MC and build a small town or a shelter in another nation anywhere on the planet.

If you do not want to develop your own nation, you can always join one that has already been created. Besides the amazing features it offers, Earth MC also sports a large-scale PvP, that allows nations to form alliances or battle each other. You can create something unseen before, or even re-write the history of this planet.



Wynncraft is the most massive MMORPG server accessible for all Minecraft players. This platform has been created and coded in order to offer a unique RPG experience, which makes it easy to forget you’re actually playing on a server and not on an incredibly designed adventure map in a famed RPG game.

This server works like the regular fantasy MMO, as it provides players with a large map to investigate, filled with unique cities, quests, bosses, dungeons, and guides.

Potterworld MC


​This server is inspired by the world of Harry Potter. It is similar to the Witchcraft and Wizardry adventure map, and it allows you to experience your own adventure based on the popular character.

Potterworld MC sorts players into houses, makes them attend classes, play quidditch, and fight with other students. You can visit places mentioned in the books, such as the Diagon Alley or Hogwarts. The server also hosts a few mini-games and regular events in order to make the world more interesting as players go on exploring and gaining new abilities. Potterworld MC uses versions 1.10 – 1.13

​Do you have a favorite server you play in Minecraft?



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