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Five Great Alternatives to UC Browser

UC Browser is one of the many services alike that provide some of the best features for its users. It comes with great features, impressive performance, and more. However, for some, the browser might not be the ideal search engine they would use on a daily base, so here are a few alternatives.


Opera is among the most used browsers in the world. It is small as it doesn’t take much space on the hard disk. The platform is also fast and more secure than most browsers on the market as it packs free VPN and more features that focus on security. Opera is free, and it allows you to stream 360-degrees videos straight into a virtual reality headset.

However, it doesn’t come with parental control and doesn’t offer as many extensions or themes users can apply. Also, it is not compatible with certain websites, and it doesn’t feature the progress bar for loading sites.

Google Chrome

Chrome is the most popular browser all over the world, and it functions on almost all platforms. It is user-friendly and has numerous extensions for people to use. Still, Google shares your browsing data with other companies and governments and is not that fast.

You can, however, sync it across devices, and use it on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, as well as iOS.


This search engine was specially made, and it is automatically installed on all Apple devices. It is an easy-to-use browser, it offers links to save sites, and it is one of the fastest browsers on the market at the moment.

However, it only works on Apple devices.


Vivaldi is an incredibly well-designed browser, it packs a lot of great features, and it is stable and fast. Still, you cannot personalize it much, and the performance is not that good. Also, various features overlap in functionality. The setup process is rather easy to apply, and the tabs allow users to navigate with ease, even with numerous tabs open. There’s the option to view multiple tabs side-by-side as well, and it has an amazing note-taking tool included.


This browser is a version of Firefox, which has been made for 64-bit OS. Its design is incredible, as well as very fast. Still, that also means it has large system requirements.



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