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Five Reasons to Look Forward to the Launch of the iPhone SE 2

The iPhone SE 2 has raised some excitement with continuous leaks and rumors appearing on a regular basis. Assuming that all the speculations and leaks are correct, we’ve decided to share our reasons to look forward to the launch of the new Apple device that is said to come out on April 14th.

The upcoming mobile device was first revealed in March 2016, making it the most affordable Apple smartphone model for those who want to a cheaper iPhone. The device was one of the best-selling Apple phones over the years, making it the actual budget iPhone. Here are five reasons why we are excited about the forthcoming iPhone SE 2’s release.

It has a Home Button

While most of the iPhones nowadays ditched the Home button, lots of people reported they would rather have the function back as it was incredibly useful. All this feedback from numerous users has proved to be a familiar scenario for others who still double-tapped the portion of the screen where the Home button used to be only to remember that the function doesn’t exist anymore.

There is no Notch

The arguable notch has caused numerous discussion sessions on forums everywhere. This design was incredibly conflicting when it made it on to the iPhone X, but the iPhone SE 2 will probably ditch it.

Although some people may have gotten familiarized with the notch all those years, others still find it to be a diversion as they cannot use the whole display.

It is Made Out of Aluminium

The iPhone XR is a perfect model on how to balance the use of aluminum and glass. The new iPhone SE 2 is said to have a similar setup as the budget Apple mobile phone for this year.

It is Lightweight

The upcoming iPhone SE 2 is allegedly going to be a lightweight smartphone, which probably also extends to its price. Compared to the iPhone 11 Max, which is huge when it comes to dimensions, the new iPhone SE 2 is set to be really light.

It would be ideal if it would have a perfect weight that makes sufficiently comfortable to carry around without taking a lot of space. Hopefully, this will be the case, even though there are newer elements included in it, which could make it see a small increase.

The Price is Decent

When it comes to asking a premium price for a new mobile device, Apple does a great job. New iPhones that appear keep raising the bar in such a way that you can acquire a new laptop with a large amount of the money left over.

Although the new iPhone SE 2 will not be a substitute for many user’s flagship phones, it is great for those who want a more lightweight, affordable, and still upgraded Apple device. The smartphone is expected to cost around $399.

It would be rather interesting how the upcoming iPhone SE 2 will be announced, and whether online sales and delivery will happen as it usually does even though we’re in the middle of a pandemic. There is a good possibility that the device will be powered by the A13 Bionic SoC, and iOS 13 or even the latest iOS 14.



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