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Fix “My SD Card Won’t Format” Error On Android Devices

If you’re using an Android device, probably you have used at least once in your life an SD card (and you’re probably doing it right now). This is a great way when you want to store and transfer files, but at the same time, they are very fragile and prone to damage.

One of the most common errors we have encountered (and I’m sure you did too) is when you want to format your SD card, and Android says it’s unable to do it. What’s worse is that this means that your hardware might stop working anytime. Keep in mind that if you do format your SD card together with the file system, this may render it unable to recognize it.

How To Fix “My SD Card Won’t Format” Error On Android Devices

So, how can we fix the “Android Is Unable to Format SD Card” issue? There are a couple of methods you could try, and we’re going to give you a brief overview of them here.

Restart Your Android System

The easiest and quickest way to try and solve this problem is to restart your system. Although it might seem too easy, this sometimes is enough to address the issue. The reason for this is that sometimes the SD card cannot be formatted if other apps and processes are running in the background.

Format It with the Computer

The second option you can try is to format it with the help of a computer. By using a card reader, you can connect your SD card to the computer and format it from there. For this, you simply need to go to My Computer, right-click on the SD card and then click Format. After that, you can select several options, depending on how you want to format it. Click Format again and let it do its thing.
Let us know if these options worked for you or if you found anything else!



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