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Fix the Google Play Store Error 492

It’s quite common to encounter problems with your Android device from time to time. Store error 492 is one of them. You encounter it while you’re downloading or updating an app. You can fix it in no time.

The first method: reinstall the app

Try to reinstall the app that you wanted to download. You need to stop the downloading process and close the Google Play Store. Then open it again and install the app again. It should solve this problem. If you encounter the error while trying to update the app, then click OK on the pop-up box and then uninstall the app.

The second method: clear cache and clear data

If the first method does not work, then try this next fix. You will need to clear cache and data from the Google Play Store. For this one, go to Settings, to System Settings, then to Manage Application, to all, then to Google Play Store. Then tap on Clear cache and Clear data.

The third method: recovery mode

If you are using a Custom ROM like Cyanogenmod or Clockwork-mod, and you are encountering this issue, you will not be able to fix the problem with the first two methods. You will need to boot your phone and get to the recovery mode. You will find it in all the custom ROM. Go to Settings, then to Advanced Settings and click Wipe Dalvik cache. This will delete the cache files from the custom ROM. You should not have problems now.

The fourth method: formatting the SD-card

The SD card can cause this problem in some situations. You can fix the issue by formatting the SD-card. It is easy, and it won’t take you long.

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