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Fly in Minecraft: Pocket Edition With These Quick Tips

Planning of reaching the sky? If you want to fly in Minecraft: Pocket Edition, there are some tips and tricks worth trying. You might get as well a pair of wings after you defeat the Ender Dragon or take a look at the following ideas.

How to Fly in Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Flying with Cheats Only for Minecraft: Pocket Edition and PC version

The method works only for Minecraft PE and Minecraft PC. Activate the cheat Mode – for PC, press ESC, Open to LAN, and then Allow cheats to open the LAN world. For PE, access the Settings, click on the game, and then allow cheats. After activating the cheat options, enter only the Creative mode. The Survival mode won’t work. Open the chat and type in /gamemode c to access the Creative mode.

Double-tap and then jump to fly. At first, it will be challenging to do that, but keep trying until it’ll get easier. Move up with the Jump Button and Sink using the Sneak button. Try as much as you can to not fall on the ground! Type /gamemode s to return to Survival mode.

Gliding With Elytra

This method is available for consoles, PE, or PC. It works, too, in Survival Mode. Begin by defeating the Ender Dragon. You should collect enough wings, “Elytra,” for this. You will need, too, a lot of resources and equipment. The wings will work only in the last area of the game.

After you win over the Ender Dragon, you can access two portals. One of them is the center, while the other one is the End portal, where you’ll find the dragon’s egg on top. Moving through them will provide you success, and it will return you in the overworld. To venture into the rest of the End zone, look for another portal. You might find one close to the edge of the island.

You will notice how small it is to run through it and regularly floating, too, high in the sky. Once you’re at the Gateway portal, you have to look after the Eder pearl at the other side. Then, you’ll be able to reach the other island in the End Zone. Now, you can search for the End City. Go to the End Ship in the End City and defeat the leader guardian. You will get the Wings to fly in Minecraft: Pocket Edition!



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