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Fornite: Best Tips to Stay Alive

Fortnite is an easy game to play, but for some of us, it might actually be a bit challenging to keep up. These tips will help you a lot in staying alive during the game.

Keep the materials from when you actually need them

As a Fortnite player, you are able to choose where to get the materials that you need, such as stone and wood. It’s actually quite similar to Minecraft – this game is also made out of blocks full of resources.

Buildings, trees, vehicles, pretty much anything can be mined. And keep in mind that, unless you really need to use an environmental feature, you might want to keep the materials from when you actually need them. Always make sure that you’re alone because otherwise, your enemies might be close to you, and they might steal the resources from you. In order to survive in this game, you will constantly need to build stuff, and you will need all the resources you can get.

Build stuff and be a good team member

Fornite might be a fun game to play, but there are also some challenging things about it: the building is one of them. You need to know how to touch the controls, and it takes time to get them right fast.

When you build something, use the stronger materials on the outside. Make sure you use wood on the inside and save all the hard materials you can get. Build good walls, which will defend yourself.

When you’re playing, and you’re part of a group, make sure you work as a team. See who’s the best shot and make sure that he’s the one to fire at the enemy. The rest of you try to take down their fortress. Sometimes it might be a good idea to build a trap.

When building, use stronger materials on the outside and wood on the inside to save hard materials. Build walls to defend yourself and place a ramp to shoot over. In the last circle, it is normal to find towers. If you’re playing in a group, it’s best to work together: the best shot keeps firing at the enemy while the rest try to dismantle the fortress. You can also build to trap an enemy.





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