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Fortnite Delayed Its New Season, Again

The officials have announced a delay in the release of the last season of Fortnite. The game has been classified as one of the most popular video games worldwide, having millions of players from all over the world every month.

The second chapter from season 3 was supposed to be available to the fans in the upcoming two weeks. Instead of that, the company decided to extend the current ongoing season.

Epic Games have not made any official declaration up until now and fans are still doubting whether the leading cause of the delay is represented by the measures taken because of the coronavirus situation or there are other hidden reasons. The most plausible one is the lockdown period that had forced the employees to conduct their tests and developments from home. Looking back to the company’s actions, this may not be the first attempt to postpone a season for Fortnite.

New Season In Fortnite Has Been Delayed

The gaming experience that the officials are proposing is a battle royale mode. During this storyline, the last player standing is the winner of the match, even though most of the time, it is a multiplayer game, and the users are playing alongside a team.

The officials have released the postpone statement on an online blog, where they have also announced that they are planning on bringing new features to the ongoing season. The game is likely to be equipped with various other challenges, bonus experience points and many more secret surprises.

The second season has already lasted for many months because of other delays in the past. Nonetheless, the game continued to be highly appreciated by the broad public and has seen numerous new players since the outbreak of the pandemic. Unfortunately, the conditions from home are not nearly as well organized as the working environment. This is why the workers are prevented from working efficiently on Fortnite.



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