Fortnite Has Accused Players of Cheating

Everything started when the game Fortnite from Epic Games had dropped false accusations to players that they are cheating. The irony is that the players that received these warnings were the ones that only watch the game of other players. The threat released by the game was under the accusation of Teaming. If they are action didn’t stop, then the users will receive a ban from their account.

False Accusation from Fortnite

Many users were watching the game of other players as spectators of the play in progress. But even so, they have received the warning of an account ban if they continue to watch and cheat. The term used by the threat was ‘Teaming,’ which means that players from an opposite team can work gain some advantages against the adversaries if they are working together in the Battle Royale match.

However, the players have reacted to the threat from the game and posted screenshots of the issue. Of course, Epic Game responded to them that they would fix the problem. The idea of their warning wasn’t working as it supposed to, so this has represented a big issue for the company.

Besides this, Epic Games is well known for the tolerance against cheating players. A good example is player Jarvis Kaye, who plays Fortnite at the professional level. He received a lifetime ban because he cheated in the game with an improvement applied to the accuracy of the shooting. Unfortunately for Jarvis Kaye, even its tearful apology, the company didn’t change its mind.

Finally, even if the company isn’t accepting cheating players on the game, the issue regarding the threat was fixed. And that’s not all, because Epic Games sent 1.000 V-Bucks to some players to correct the false action against them. In that way, Epic Games tried to compensate for the error and to be forgiven for it.

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