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Fortnite Mobile – How to Master the Game and Win

Fortnite Mobile is available for both iOS and Android, and everyone can enjoy the game on their smartphones. But surviving in this game is not very easy, and we all want to win. we are here to give you some tips and tricks on how to be victorious in this game.

Adjust the settings

Before you actually start playing, make sure you take a look at the settings you can customize. Make sure you adjust the sensitivity of the screen and then change it according to your needs. There might also be some parameters you’d like to deactivate when you’re building, so make sure you take a look at automatic material change and turbo building.

Make sure you choose where you land

When you’re playing in a couple or in teams, make sure you take a look at the map before you jump to see where others want to go. Always stay together; that’s the key to success. Go from the start to the area you chose to land.

And when you get on the ground, the glider will open in proportion to the surface you’re standing on, so if you fly over a mountain, it will open up sooner than if it would if you were flying over a river. This is how you get on the ground faster.

Make sure you don’t go into a building where someone is already inside. If you do want to land in a building, make sure you’re doing it through a window. Or, if you don’t have experience with the glider, you could also land on the roof.

Running is important in Fortnite Mobile

You know that a moving target is not easy to hit. So make sure that, when you’re going from one building to the other, you run. And you’d better run fast. Double-tap on the virtual thumbstick to get into the running mode, and then repeat it to get back to normal, but only when you’re safe.

When they shoot, you jump

When you’re jumping, they cannot catch you, and if you do it repeatedly, it’s harder for them to hit you. So if you are running and you hear someone shooting, jump to save your life. In general, not staying still will save your life.

Loot as many items as you can

Looting is essential in Fortnite Mobile. We all know there are five grades of weapons, starting with normal, and ending with legendary. Of course, you’ll always keep the best ones. They’re easily recognizable from colors (from worst to better: grey, green, blue, purple, and yellow.). Also, other players have weapons, so make sure you’re looking into those, as well.

Ammunition is usually what you find most, but it might be a good idea to just save some. And always carry a long-range weapon, because, in the last part of a Fortnite Mobile match, when everyone is hiding in a tower, a powerful weapon might win the game for you.



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