Fortnite: The Halloween-Themed Event – Fortnitemares – Finally Has an Official Release Date

Fortnite is ready for an amazing Halloween, and it’s prepared to give its fans a brand-new Season 2 battle royale map for the return of the Fortnitemares event tomorrow. What a happy time to celebrate Halloween!

Epic teased this event last week, so we knew it was coming, but we have the confirmation that Fortnitemares will start on the 29th of October 2019, at 1 pm GMT, or 6 am PT.

We do not really know what is coming for us on this year’s Fortnitemares, but we have one guarantee: the usual limited-time, event-specific challenges, and the well-known rewards are still here for us. There’s one teaser image out there, which can help us imagine what we would get until we know what’s in the full package.

Even if we don’t know what the event brings to us, it would still have to have the same impact as last year’s Fortnitemares. This event came at a high-point in Epic’s Fortnite narrative, which followed the weeks of the mysterious activity of the little cube of evil, Kevin, who left a mark on the spooky map of the game.

Also, the PvE  Cube Monsters, those that eventually showed up, as a result, we’re not really the favorite ones of the public, so perhaps the team behind the game and the event can improve this part.

2019 is a year in which fans are still settling into Fortnite 2.0, and there is no hint of darkness in this new world. This is why we are waiting forward to seeing how Fortnitemares, Season 2’s first event, takes place. We will soon find out all the details we need.

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