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Fortnite Upcoming 13.20 Patch Available with New Changes

As Epic Games is implementing patch 13.20, the last one for the well-known battle royale game, the servers for the game have went down. Earlier today, Fortnite have confirmed that the game is down, since it was taken offline at 7am BST. The duration for the update implementation could take anywhere between an hour and two hours. If the update is especially big or if some problems ppear along the way, the wait could be significantly longer.

This particular update is going to bring some new Flare to Fortnite, according to the producers of the battle royale. This mystic statement could be a hint towards the return of the Flare Gun. After the update is rolled out, players should not encounter any problems when they update their game by downloading the new version of the update and logging back into Fortnite.

In a tweet sent out on June 30, 2020, Fortnite Status explained that the producers are starting to disable services in order to prepare for v13.20. For players that are currently in a session, as services are starting to be disabled, they can continue to play as they wish, but only until downtime officially begins. Fortnite Status has approximated the downtime to start at 2AM ET, so 06:00 UTC.

A short while later, Fortnite Status tweeted that the downtime for the latest patch, v13.20, has officially begun. The producers are going to provide an update whenever the downtime ends and the services are back up.

As is clear from the abovementioned text, the information about the Fortnite update was taken off the official Twitter page of Fortnite Status, which regularly posts maintenance issues regarding their special online situation. For now, however, we have no idea what happens inside the actual patch, as Epic has not released the patch notes yet.



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