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Fortnite Update 2.74 Update Available with New Hotfix And Other Changes

Fortnite players can download an unexpected new update on Mac and consoles. The update has a lot to give, but it’s bad news for Nintendo fans, unfortunately.

About The New Update

Epic Games, the developer of the popular game, has introduced a surprise update on Xbox One, PS4, and Mac.

The latest version requires 1.57 gigabytes, and you must download and install it before you can play the game again.

Though the official patch notes list isn’t that lengthy, the effects of the patch are notable.

Patch 2.74 fixes some minor bugs of the game and a bug that made it crash when a player used the Emote Wheel.

The developer has acknowledged the issue about a week ago, according to a Twitter post.

Also, they claimed that they solved it a few days after:

Unfortunately, Nintendo Switch gamers have to wait considerably longer for the update to be released.

“This issue will be fixed on Nintendo Switch in a future update,” Epic stated.

Big News

It’s believed that a bigger update will be released within the following two weeks, as Epic keeps on fixing some of the game’s issues and refresh the map on occasion.

The new update was introduced only a few days after the Fortnite Season 3 Kick-off.

The new season introduced various new features and a generous Battle Pass with an impressive number of rewards.

One of the highlights is the Aquaman skin and some variants, which can be unlocked by doing weekly challenges.

However, the most impressive thing brought upon us is the updated map, which was overpopulated thanks to in-game events.



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