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Fortnite: Why Fighting Wolverine Is Not That Easy

The fourth season of Fortnite has a crossover with Marvel. Players have to go against Galactus. We already know what it is like having the best skins from Iron Man, and the She-Hulk one is also great, but it seems that fighting Wolverine is quite the challenge for players of Fortnite around the world. Here is all you need to know about Wolverine in Fortnite.

We have all seen how Iron Man has a lot of gadgets, but with Wolverine is a whole other story. All the boss fights with all the Marvel superheroes seem a piece of cake in comparison with Wolverine.

Where can we find the Marvel superhero?

Wolverine usually spawns at Weeping Woods and Slurpy Swamp. But the location always seems to be random. You will need to search the area for him. Or, you know, just wait for him to show up without finding your location – when he finds you, you will be unprepared, trust us!

When you do find him, he will appear in his yellow and blue suit as we all know him. The claws will not be absent.

How much health does he have?

We do not know how much health Wolverine has in this game. We heard that he may have 1,000 health and shield points. Some sources say he has 600 HP and 600 SP. He can also regenerate after damage.

If you are trying to go against him, do not fight him close, even if you have the She-Hulk costume. He is great at close-quartered combat because he is so very fast, and he also has a great lunge attack.



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