Fortnite: You Can Get XP and Supercharged XP from the Fireplace; Here’s How

Did you know that the Fireplace from the Fortnite Winterfest Cabin/Lodge can get you supercharged XP?

Epic Games introduced the Fortnite Winterfest and the Christmas challenges, weapons, rewards, and daily items. The Winterfest Cabin/Lodge is also back this year.

In the Winterfest Cabin, you can take a look around and choose the present that you want to select. But before you open it, you can shake it and see if you wish to actually to open it. You can only open one present per day.

You can also use the Fireplace in the cabin/lodge if you want to gain both XP and supercharged XP.

The Fireplace gives XP

For you to get the XP from the Fireplace in the Christmas event, you need to click on crack shot, then click on the Fireplace. Keep in mind that you cannot click directly on the Fireplace when you get into the lodge. When you’re on the Fireplace, you will see the XP appear on the screen about every 15 seconds, more or less. This can give you more than 10 XP. You can either get normal XP or supercharged XP.

You can leave the game and still get the normal XP and supercharged XP, but keep in mind that there is a limit there. After you’ve gained the maximum number of supercharged XP, you won’t be able to get some anymore. But you can play and game and start using the supercharged XP. When you use it, and your supercharged XP is no longer full, you can start getting more again from the Fireplace.

About supercharged XP

In case you don’t know, supercharged XP turns your XP bar yellow from the bottom of your screen. When it is active, you will get 3.75x more XP.

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