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French Researchers Have Reportedly Discovered A Cure For Coronavirus’ COVID-19

French researchers have allegedly found a miracle solution that could be vital during the coronavirus outbreak. They are stating the fact that antimalarial medication combined with antibiotics can cure the COVID-19, Fox News reported.

French Researchers Successfully Treated COVID-19 With A Mix Of Drugs

This discovery has caught the attention of numerous important people, including President Donal Trump. Research from the International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents has demonstrated that patients who were prescribed at the beginning of this month with the mix between antimalarial hydroxychloroquine and antibiotic azithromycin are recovering. Also, only for the acute cases of pneumonia, the doctors administrate an additional broad-spectrum antibiotic.

The study included 20 successfully treated patients. After 2 administrations, for 6 days, the treated patients began to show an improvement: the viral carriage was reduced compared to the untreated patients. The research had 28 untreated patients, 6 of which were asymptomatic. The rest of the 22 patients had severe respiratory complications.

POTUS Urged American Doctors To Use The Cure

President Donald Trump has advertised the entire world about the benefits of Hydroxyxhloroquine and Azithromycin against the coronavirus, and he urged all the doctors in the United States of America to make use of this life-changing discovery.

Additionally, Dr. Mehmet Oz has stated during his interview with Fox and Friends that he is confident in the discovery made by the French doctors. He concluded that employing this newly discovered mix of medicines, we have the chance to transform the new coronavirus into a flu-like virus. This automatically includes the fact that it would be less transmissible and, therefore, less risky.

The Coronavirus Outbreak

The current pandemic has been fatal for more than 15,000 people around the world. Moreover, there are over 350.000 people infected with coronavirus worldwide at the moment. How can you help the world by helping yourself? Stay in isolation and wash your hands to tackle COVID-19! The medical system is already too overused and will soon collapse, some experts warned.



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