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Fruit Ninja 2 Version 1.56.2 Fixes A Handful Of Bugs!

When it comes to mobile games, it doesn’t get more iconic than Fruit Ninja. The first game was released at a time when owning a touchscreen phone wasn’t yet the norm.

The game is fun and addictive, and the second one took that legacy further!

If you love fruit and you love playing with swords, Fruit Ninja is all that you need!

Current Version

The game reached version 1.56.2. Here are the official patch notes:

“Fixes for the following bugs:

* Leaderboard events not loading for migrating users

* Blitz audio stuck in loop when changing languages

* Notifications using placeholder text

* Hoshi character not equippable when finding in fruit boxes

* Data loss and account duplication on Leagues leaderboard

* Game modes getting stuck when reaching the end of a match.”

As you can see, the developers put a lot of effort into fixing many errors that were present in the game.

We appreciate their effort, and we hope that they keep up the excellent work so that the experience will always feel fresh and sharp!

To get the update, keep your device connected to a reliable internet source like home Wi-Fi or mobile data and ensure that you have auto-updates enabled.

If you disabled auto-updates, you can manually update the game by opening Google Play Store, searching for Fruit Ninja 2, and tapping the “update” button.

If the update button is not available, it might mean that the update isn’t available yet in your region or that your device can’t support new updates.

However, most updates are released via OTA (over-the-air) channels, so you should consider keeping your device permanently connected to the internet.



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