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Funniest Thinking Cat Memes Ever

Cat memes are the glue that holds the internet together. Surfers just can’t get enough of fluffy felines with sassy cat-titudes. It’s hard to think about going a day without laughing at one of these hilarious thinking cat memes, which is exactly why we’ve conveniently gathered the funniest thinking cat memes here on one page. Now, when you’re sitting at your boring desk job desperately looking for a quick distraction, you can revisit this page to giggle at these lovable creatures. Don’t you worry, we made sure to include funny thinking cat memes from some of our internet favorites including the beloved Grumpy Cat and Lil BUB.

Scroll at your own risk, we swear you’ll be crying by the end of this!

#1 Lil BUB Steals the Show

Lil Bub Funniest Cat Memes Ever

What’s the fun in having class with friends if you can’t mess around behind the teacher’s back, right? We’ve all been there before… most of the time getting caught and ending up in detention. But hey, it’s all worth it for a quick laugh. The iconic Lil BUB gets it. Lil BUB’s hanging tongue and bulging eyes are nothing but a crowd pleaser. No wonder why she’s a funny cat favorite!

#2 Catemplating Life…

funniest cat memes

Cats and dogs have been historic enemies, yet this cat simply can’t get enough of his canine friend! Ironic, isn’t it? It seems like dogs can’t get an inch of personal space these days. Monkey see, monkey do … more like cat sees, cat does!

#3 Karma is a B*$#!

Funniest thinking cat memes

We could cut the tension between these two with a knife. No wonder where the term “catty” came from. These two better hope the claws don’t come, before they know it one of these grumpy cats is gonna leave with a nasty scar.

#4 Netflix and Chill

Funniest thinking cat meme

Can’t we all relate? There’s nothing like being a couch potato binge watching netflix movies and stuffing your face with snacks. This chubby cat fluffed up on the couch understands the pain of having to click “yes” when it knows it really should be playing with its toys and getting some exercise in. Cat memes can’t get any more relatable than this.

#5 Classic Case of Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat Funniest Cat Memes

This might be the funniest meme of them all. Grumpy Cat knows how to hit the nail right on the mark. Just looking at those sunken brows and innocent frown makes us want to laugh out loud. How can something so cute and fluffy be so, well, grumpy! We wouldn’t be surprised if Grumpy Cat was secretly plotting his takeover of the human race.

#6 Cat Fight!

Funniest thinking cat memes

Did someone say cat fight?! Those eyes do not lie, ms white cat on the right is ready to take action. Her ears are so pointy they could be used as weapons. We wouldn’t want to get in a cat fight with this feline. All we know is that whatever this cat is thinking, it sure isn’t good. Watch out women, the cat boss is ready to rumble.

#7 Body Pawsitivity

Funniest thinking cat memes

Remember when we said cat memes couldn’t get any more relatable? Yeah, well this one just did. When what you love is eating, the answer is easy. Screw your diet and embrace your body pawsitivity. On that note, don’t mind us as we order a fat cheese pizza. Reading all of these cat memes is making us hungry!

#8 What’d You Say?!

funniest thinking cat meme

This meme is for the ladies, or cat ladies as you will. We know this cat meme makes you feel some type of way. If only men knew how to keep their mouths shut. This cat is ready to shut it up for them!

#9 Catwalk of shame

Funniest Thinking Cat Memes

If lions are the kings of the jungle, there’s no wonder why cats run the household. This cat meme embodies the true sassy cattitude that everyone knows and loves. Except for you grumpy cat owners… you know it all too well to love it that much.

#10 Caffeine saves the day!

Funniest Thinking Cat Memes

Coffee has the power to turn this grumpy cat into an overly excited, possibly chaotic and most definitely funny cat. Caffeine is apparently the true feline fuel. They should start calling it caffeline.

#11 Up Up and Away

Funniest Thinking Cat Meme

Well isn’t this guy cute! Now this fluffy pet can tackle its hardest mission: securing the leftover steak sitting on the kitchen counter. This costume surely makes a funny cat. We advise you to be careful though, trapping a grumpy cat in this cute contraption might cause absolute chaos. In the meantime, let’s have a laugh at this one.

#12 Not So Nine Lives

Funniest Thinking Cat Memes

Aren’t you wondering how Carl managed to waste 8 whole lives. Like seriously, what’d he do to deserve such imminent death?? Maybe he had too much foul play with another grumpy cat, possibly caught in a vicious fight over tuna scraps. Or maybe he was playing cat clown, too much funny could get this cat in trouble.

#13 Scaredy Cat

Funniest Thinking Cat Memes

This will forever be the hardest lesson learned. Been there, done that. All there’s left to do is laugh at this funny cat meme in relief that it’s not one of us suffering the wrath of our angry mothers.

#14 Rock-A-Bye-Kitty

Funniest Thinking Cat Memes

Taking a break from the funny cats and the grumpy cats, we decided we needed a fresh breath of precious cat content. This lazy fella is so cute we could die. Look at that smug little face wrapped up in fluffy goodness. This cat meme is both relatable and heart melting, brava!

#15 Too Cute To Blame

Funniest Thinking Cat Memes

What a better way to end the series than with this adorable cat meme. This cat is far from a grumpy cat. For a kitty that wants to blame the dog it sure has mastered the puppy dog eyes. Cute and sneaky… the most purrfect combination.

For more funniest cat memes, stay tuned!



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