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Galaxy S8 Receives an Important Upgrade: Is It Android Q?

If you are a Samsung Galaxy S8 user, then you might want to check the settings menu. Right now. The company started to roll out an essential upgrade to the 2017 flagship, and you need to get it in order for the software to work correctly.

Just like all the monthly security patches that Samsung gets, it’s essential that all S8 users get it, just press the download button and you should get the update in no time.

The December upgrade is available in the UK, Spain, Germany, Poland, and the Netherlands, and it has fixes for many Google issues and for about 13 vulnerabilities, which are specific to Samsung devices.

This latest release will surely keep the Galaxy S8 safe, but it’s not what users hoped for, that’s for sure. Rumor has it, and owners wanted the device to get an exciting upgrade, with the name of Android Q. this new operating system is available for Samsung’s Galaxy S10, but perhaps it will be released for the S8, as well.

As per a new report, a user heard from a Samsung support line representative that Android 10 is on its way to Galaxy S8. This news is what users needed today, but, at the same time, it could only be a rumor, so perhaps take it with a pinch of salt? Just to be sure?

We do not have any more details, as far as we know, it could only be a miscommunication from Samsung’s customer care line. If it’s not true, perhaps this will give people a boost, and they will decide to get a new phone so that they could enjoy Android Q.





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