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GeForce Now is the Newest Game Streaming Platform Available for Free and Paid

Nvidia is launching a new version of GeForce Now, its own brand new game streaming platform. When Nvidia started the first time the game streaming platform, its life was closed in 2015 in the beta version.

After so many years, the company decided to open for good the platform and let the public subscribe in two different ways. GeForce Now has a free subscription and a paid one, for only $5 per month. Maybe at first glance, Nvidia’s service will look similar to Stadia from Google, or Project xCloud from Microsoft.

The streaming service is using remote servers for running the games in the cloud, and if you have a good Internet connection, you can stream it. But things don’t look as it seems.

Why Is GeForce Now Different?

First of all, GeForce Now is giving you two types of subscription, the free one, and the paid ones. You can stream the games on your PC, Mac, Nvidia Shield TV, and Android devices. The streaming service is using your library to play the games from other existing platforms such as Steam or Epic Games.

Officially, we don’t know how many games GeForce Now will support, but more than hundreds. Every game that you will search on the platform will show you if it is compatible to run on the service. After that, if the compatibility exists, you must sign in to the platform of the game you have, and the GeForce will run it in the cloud.

GeForce Now Specs and System Requirements

Some details of the platform that you must know are about the resolution of the games. You will play on GeForce Now up to 1080p and 60 frames per second, and a lot of option from settings about the graphics. You can customize your bit rate, resolution, frame rate, network conditions, and VSync.

Given these points, for using GeForce Now, you need some system requirements – your Internet speed above 15Mbps, Windows 7 on 64-bit or above, a minimum 4GB, and 2.0 GHz dual-core CPU or above, and a DirectX 11 video card. For Mac, you need macOS 10.10, for mobile devices an Android 5.0 or above it’s okay, and for Nvidia Shield TV or the Pro models to be after 2015. Enjoy!



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