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Global Warming: Extensive Efforts Are Needed to Save the Earth

Several studies have argued that the world is heading towards an unavoidable climatic catastrophe as global warming and climate change will boost the sea level, leading to massive floods in many areas across the world. Other regions of the Earth will be affected by intense drought and powerful heatwaves that can ruin crops and fuel wildfires.

However, some researchers argue that not all is lost, and some actions can be taken to prevent the extinction of humanity. Many species of wildlife will not be able to adapt to the new conditions, and it is likely that they will disappear, ruining entire ecosystems.

One researcher from Poland has stated that humanity will have to rethink many of the current strategies if it plans to live and enjoy a stable future. To track the risk for humanity, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has created 13 markers. Seven of these markers have been ticked already, which is far from being a good sign.

Global warming will destroy the Earth if we don’t do anything about it

It is theorized that more markers will be surpassed. A massive domino effect will surface, and the current changes will be inescapable. The dire effects of a global temperature, which is higher by 1.5 degrees Celsius (or 2.5 degrees Fahrenheit) are already severe.

Changes need to be implemented across the agricultural, forestry, industrial and urban planning sectors to reduce the consumption of valuable resources and to mitigate the pollution generated by the manufacturing of goods

The greatest challenge of all is to change the perception of the public since many people continue to believe that nothing is wrong and that they live in safe areas that could not be affected by extreme weather phenomena and other consequences. It is vital to show them that this is not the case and that the entire planet is at risk if nothing is done to halter the current trends. Only time will tell what will happen.



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