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Gmail Update Rolled Out With Stability And Performance Improvements

Smartphones are loved by millions of people from all over the world as they provide access to lots of useful features, including the ability to read and write emails on the go. While many people prefer to access their email via an internet browser, the Gmail app is an excellent tool that offers access to an assortment of features, and it is already installed and available on your Android device.

Primary Gmail Features

The prime feature of the app is the ability to access your inbox at all times with one tap. It comes with a user interface that is easy to use and intuitive, allowing even novices to read their mail, answer quickly and perform several tasks without the need to waste important time on reading and watching tutorials.

Emails will be sorted automatically into several categories. This is quite handy if you receive a lot of messages since you will no longer have to filter them by email address to find and read the most important ones first. It is also possible to add multiple accounts, even from other email services.

A smart algorithm will move annoying spam content into a dedicated section, keeping your inbox free. With 15GB of free storage space, you will never run out of space or need to delete old messages.

Long press on an empty space while writing a new email to gain access to the format menu, which comes with a selection of handy tools that will allow you to add a bit of nuance. Change the style of the font, use bold, italic, or underlined text to highlight key information, alter the color of the font and background, and much more.

Gmail 2020.04.12.307915656 Update Launched

In some cases, you may want to do something related to your emails without diving through menus. This can be done by starting the app and going to Settings/General settings/ Swipe actions. Configure the desired gestures, and they are ready for use.

The new Gmail 2020.04.12.307915656 update comes with new bug fixes and stability and performance improvements. The update is already available on the Google Play Store.



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