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Gmail Has Dark Mode Now, but Find out Which Devices Will Have to Wait a Bit More for It

The dark mode for Gmail is here – and it was expected for it to come since everyone wants it for every app. This new look is also available on Google and Apple, and there are many apps that have gone “to the dark side.” Earlier this week, fans were pleased to see that Gmail has access to this feature.

Those of you who run the latest versions of Android 10 and Apple’s iOS 13 can apply the dark theme on their messages instantly. This is quite the news if you have the latest OS installed on your phone, but there are millions that don’t have access to this new feature yet.

According to some sources, Samsung devices that run on Android 9 Pie cannot activate the dark more yet, which means that they might have to wait a bit before being able to do so. Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 are on this list, due to the fact that they are the latest ones. Samsung has just started to release the Android 10 beta on these devices, and the phones won’t get an official rollout until next year, probably. If you’re lucky enough to have downloaded the Android 10 beta for your Galaxy phone, then you should be able to find the dark mode in the settings. But the others should wait a bit until Samsung is done with its test software.

We are not only talking about Samsung but also LG, Huawei, Sony, which are still waiting for the update. Android 10 started to hit the market on the 3rd of September, and it was initially made only for Google’s Pixel and the Essential Phone. But since it first appeared, other phones were granted access to the update – OnePlus is the most recent device to get the OS.







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