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Gmail’s New Feature Will Allow Sending Emails as Attachments

The damned email chain on Gmail is finally getting an update that will allegedly improve this whole section of the app. The new feature is definitely an interesting one, even though, at first, it sounds pretty weird.

The email service will soon allow its users to send emails in the form of attachments without having to forward or download them on the device first. Or, as Google says, ​”You can now attach emails to other emails in Gmail.”​

To perform this, simply drag and drop one or more emails into the ‘Compose’ window. That’s all. Another way to do it is to select one or more emails from the conversation chain and using the overflow, or three-dot menu button, tap on ‘Forward as attachment.’

Split Opinions on the New Feature

This might sound a bit weird, but there are, reportedly, situations where attaching emails is more logical than forwarding separate emails. This applies, for instance, in the case if you want to forward more than one messages related to a certain topic.

If you attach an email, the whole conversation chain and stalking will be stored, making it much easier to just follow by a third-party than if you would just forward each part of the chat separately.

The option to send emails as attachments also allows you to write a summary message to the recipient, letting them know what they should expect when opening the whole email. The attachments can be opened by their email service of choice, due to the fact that each attached email becomes a file with the ‘.eml’ extension. You get to attach as many emails as you please. When you open an attachment, it will launch in a new window.

This new feature will go live starting today and will keep rolling out until January 21st, at which date everyone using Gmail should have received it.



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