God Of War 5: Release Date and What We Can Expect from the Game

With a long history of 15 years, the God Of War game franchise created by David Jaffe at Santa Monica Studio from Sony is now awaiting its fifth installment. God Of War 5 is expected to be officially unveiled after the launch of PlayStation 5 that will be occurring near Christmas.

But what will God Of War 5 bring new to the series? Will it make the fans forget about God Of War 4? Does it have any in-game purchases available?

God Of War 5 Release Date

The developers haven’t said anything about a precise release date, and it’s most probably because they are preparing us a huge surprise. God Of War 5 might be coming out sooner than anyone expected.

Sony’s next-generation console PlayStation 5 is launching alongside Xbox Series X in the same period: Holiday 2020. God Of War 5 will be unveiled after that huge event, along with a reveal for its release date.

God Of War 4 was released in April 2018, God Of War 3 came to the stores on March 2010, while the second God Of War title arrived in 2007. Judging by these gaps, it’s clear that it’s almost impossible to guess when is God Of War 5 arriving in the gaming market.

The gameplay will be outstanding

If we take a good look at the gameplay of the last God Of War title, we can expect the one from God Of War 5 to be much better than the previous game in the series.

One other hint that the developer will be working very intense for the gameplay of the upcoming God Of War 5 title is that the Santa Monica Studio posted a job offer for a Senior Combat Designer. Those who wanted to apply need to possess deep knowledge about God Of War’s battle system, technicians, and revolutionaries.

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