Good Job, Facebook! Again! The iOS App Turns on Your Phone Camera, and They Are Saying It’s Just a Bug

Facebook for iPhone has a brand new feature, and users are not happy. The function opens the camera app of the phone in the background, without you actually being aware of it.

Many users have seen this weird behavior and posted the videos with the proof. In every video, the rear camera is turned on, and it can be seen from behind the main app screen.

Guy Rosen, Facebook’s Vice President of Integrity, responded to one tweet, saying that it sounds like a bug and that they are currently taking care of it. However, by taking into account the long history of Facebook and their abusing trust and getting any piece of information through their apps, we are skeptical.

Rosen then added that they recently discovered that their iOS app was incorrectly launched in the landscape. Apparently, they introduced a bug where the app navigates to the camera screen every time a photo is tapped. However, they have no evidence of any photo or video being uploaded because of this. They are adding a fix for this problem today on the App Store.

We all know that Facebook has previously given its apps access to the microphones of the smartphones, claiming that it helps the software make recommendations based on what the user was watching on TV, or listening. They also analyzed Messenger voice calls in order to improve transcriptions. There are rumors that they are listening to us all the time, through phones, in order to get ads that are based on what people are talking about, but they denied it. The app has also given access to the settings of the phone, which has been used in order to find out the location of the users and if other Facebook users are nearby.


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