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Google Adds New Section to Play Store and Releases 19.7.12 Update With Improvements

Google Play Store, initially known as Android Market, was created and is operated by the search engine giant. It is one of the most important services on every Android-powered mobile device as it is the official place where all apps and games are stored.

The service enables users to browse and download apps and games, as well as ebooks, TV shows, movies, and more, all created with the Android software development kit and published through Google. The company has now released a new build for the marketplace, Google Play Store 19.7.12 update, that comes with some improvements.

A ‘Teacher Approved’ Section

Google has also just announced a great change to the Play Store that makes it easier for families to find great educational apps. The tech giant has added a new ‘Teacher Approved’ category to its online marketplace, with all the apps in this section being analyzed by a committee of reviewers, including over 200 teachers throughout the United States, and meet Google’s guidelines for its ‘Designed for Families’ project.

That program requires apps to reach government measures regarding data collection and ad targeting, as well as restricts the kinds of ads that can be shown to children if the apps are supporting ads

Besides, these apps that get selected for the ‘Teacher Approved’ section are also reviewed and rated highly by teachers. The new change comes at a time when most children in the U.S. are out of school because of the novel coronavirus pandemic and the school closures. At the moment, there are about 55.1 million students that cannot attend their public or private school in person anymore, as per data from the National Center for Education Statistics.

Google Play Store 19.7.12 Update

The update released for the Android marketplace is meant for Android Wear devices and Android TV devices that support it. Google Play Store 19.7.12 update comes with some bug fixes and overall improvements.



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