Google and Apple’s Rivalry on Stand-by as They Unite to Create New Bluetooth Technology

Google and Apple are now collaborating to develop a Bluetooth technology that will enable rival platforms like Android and iOS to communicate. This could simply mean that the long-lasting war between iOS and Android could soon come to a halt.

Last week, reports that the cross-platform communication between the two operating systems is working via Bluetooth have surfaced, with movement data of both services able to be exchanged in an encrypted form. This will allow governments and other organizations to come with accurate contract tracking, with a joint app also on the work.

A Long-Existing Rivalry Between Google and Apple

Back in 2014, Tim Cook claimed that ‘Google is our biggest rival,’ as he took over Steve Jobs’ company. However, even if it appears that Apple never got over the outstanding development of Android, the search engine giant is playing the game.

For instance, in 2019, Google started teasing its opponent in the middle of a marketing campaign for its Pixel 3a. Two posters were placed on walls in numerous cities, with a top one depicting an underexposed banner with the words ‘iPhone X’ and the price of $999.

Below it, another motif said ‘Pixel 3a’ and the price of $399 was mentioned, but it was better exposed. With this, Google was teasing Apple’s more expensive technology, which offers poorer results in comparison to that of Google.

Now, in spite of the long-lasting rivalry, both companies seem to have pushed it into the background in order to advance technology. Last December, Apple and Google announced, together with Amazon and Zigbee, that they were collaborating on a common smart home standard.

The Project Connected Home over IP wants to simplify the process for product manufacturers as well as simplify cross-platform compatibility for users that have smart home items.

Merging for a Good Cause

This difficult year is the same year that brings Apple and Google together for a ‘good cause.’ Even when viewed from every possible corner, Android and iOS have never been so close as they are now.

There were countless instances in which users of both operating systems have complained about the challenging sharing opportunities between the platforms. We should mention, though, that Apple was the one always reluctant to accept compatibility. The focus was on the supposed security of the tech giant’s operating systems at all times, which, they said, should not be compromised and put its users in danger because of the open and more vulnerable Android.

However, in the last few years, the company has lost credibility with this concept because of numerous security flaws and jailbreaks that appeared immediately after Apple would claim that the particular version of the OS is invincible.

Still, the fact that the collaboration to create a Bluetooth interface between Android and iOS means the end of the rivalry for a period, does not mean that it will forever be gone and the two platforms will get along better from now on.

This partnership, however, should be a great motivation for users of both Android and iOS to unite in our shared passion: outstanding technologies.

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