Google Chrome Could Debut a Live Captions Functionality Soon

A recent pledge on the Chromium Gerrit seems to suggest the fact that Google’s Live Caption feature discovered in the Pixel 4 might soon be implemented to the Chrome browser for PCs. The functionality is created to automatically offer real-time captions for auto-playing on the web browser.

The newly-found commit is for the Speech On-Device API (SODA) service, and it has all of the required elements to debut it, although it is currently still in its first phases of development. SODA is a service created by Google‘s Speech developing team that enables live transcription. The commit suggests Chrome Live Caption directly, so it is only logical to determine that this could be a very similar function that the Pixel 4 has today.

A comment on the post compares in a straight way this possible implementation to Android‘s current Live Caption feature, implying that the team ‘should use ‘Live Captions’ when using a name for the feature to match what’s done on Android.’

However, another comment claims that this Chrome feature could provide users much more than what Live Captions on mobile can currently offer, suggesting that the service’s name should remain SODA since a different name could be more effective.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Series Also Has the Functionality

If some type of Live Caption functionality is going to be implemented into Google Chrome, users should be able to transcribe audio immediately from all parts of the web. This would be an exceptionally useful accessibility instrument for the hearing impaired or others who want to use their device without listening to the audio.

Besides the newly found commit, Samsung‘s all-new Galaxy S20 lineup will be the first non-Pixel mobile devices to provide users the Live Caption feature. Samsung stated that users should expect the functionality with the handset.

Creating Live Caption was a great stunt, so Google intending to incorporate it in as many places as possible is a rather logical move. Also, because Chrome is the most popular browser on desktop, the functionality will be easy to access by anyone with a computer.

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