Google Chrome for Android Tests a New Screenshot Editor Feature

Last year, Google released a new makeup instrument in Android 9 that was supposed to make annotations a more straightforward and direct process. Even though the tool was, in the beginning, limited to Android 9 devices, it was later on transferred to mobile phones running older versions of the operating system. Now, a screenshot editor feature is teste in Google Chrome for Android.

This year, sometime in September, Google started testing a few new features in its Google Photos application, and one of them was a new makeup tool. The function was then rolled out to Google Photos towards the end of last month. Now, the technology giant intends to release a similar tool to Chrome on Android.

The new screenshot editor was found in a recently combined commit on the Chromium Gerrit. The commit unveils the code that symbolizes a new flag for the ‘Chrome Share Screenshots.’ This feature reportedly enables the user interface to edit and also share screenshots.

Google Chrome for Android Tests a New Screenshot Editor Feature

Currently, it is not clear what the editing UI’s design be or what kind of features will incorporate, but we can expect it to be a bit similar to the tool other Google applications have. A new bug report for the tool also notes some essential details regarding the feature and implies that it will utilize the Ink image editor library.

The feature appears to be in the first stages of development, so it would take a while before it arrives in Chrome via a steady update release on Android. Even so, we can expect to get the tool and examine it in a beta version of the web browser sometime soon.

It is also worth mentioning that Google also has a dramatically new UI for the new Chrome tab page. The upcoming UI is a considerable difference from the current new tab page and sends all of the UI items towards the top of the screen.

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