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Google Chrome: Get the New 83.0.4103.44 Beta Update for Android

For most people that are using mobile devices, the world starts and ends with Google Chrome. The browser’s insane popularity can be rivaled only by Mozilla and Opera. There’s no wonder why, however, since Chrome packs a variety of useful features: incognito browsing, instant translation for whole pages, voice search, and many more.

Furthermore, Google Chrome frequently gets new updates. The newest beta update called 83.0.4103.44 is already available for Android.

What the update brings new

Google’s software engineers revealed within the patch notes that the new update improves software stability and performances of the Chrome browser. It may not be much, but it’s still worth giving a try.

If you’re still not convinced that Google Chrome is a great browser, maybe its official description will convince you:

“All your favorite content, one tap away. Chrome is not just fast for Google Search, but designed so you are one tap away from all your favorite content. You can tap on your favorite news sites or social media directly from the new tab page. Chrome also has the “Tap to Search”- feature on most webpages. You can tap on any word or phrase to start a Google search while still in the page you are enjoying.”

As we’re looking among the generous list of features of the Chrome browser for Android, we can also mention Safe Browsing, Sync Chrome Across Devices, personalized recommendations, using less mobile data for speeding up the webpages, and more.

The new 83.0.4103.44 update for Google Chrome is already available OTA (over the air channels). This means that you should get a notification on your Android phone which invites you to opt for the update. You just have to keep your phone connected to a stable Wi-Fi network, and take advantage of perhaps the best virtue of all: patience.



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